Over the past two weeks I have travelled along Nova Scotia’s Atlantic Coast from The Hawk on Cape Sable Island on the South Shore to Sober Island near Sheet Harbour on the Eastern Shore. It was foggy most of the time and photography was frequently hampered. On Sober Island I caught sight of a Great Blue Heron and was able to get a few shots before it flew away as I tried to get closer. Another Blue Heron was sighted near Port La Tour but flew away before I could get my camera ready. These birds are very shy in Nova Scotia while in Florida they are more accustomed to people and very tame. I have been able to get as close as 3 meters(10 feet) on many occasions in Florida. Today’s photos have been added to three galleries. Two images have been added to the ‘Bird’s 2″ and “Fish Shacks” galleries. One addition has been made to the “Abandoned” gallery.


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