Over the past few weeks I have travelled to the Annapolis Valley several times. The first image taken a couple of weeks ago shows the arrival of the tidal bore on the St. Croix River at Mantua which is near Windsor. The tidal bore is the first wave of the incoming tide. This is not visible everywhere but can be seen on most of the rivers that empty into the Bay of Fundy, Minas Basin or Avon River. I just happened to be driving near Mantua and noticed a crowd on the bridge and decided to stop. You could hear the roar from the approaching water before it came around the bend in the river. This photo has been added to the “Action 2” gallery. The next photos were taken further into the Valley near Kingston. These are my first barn photos in a while and were taken in the Tremont and Morristown areas. They have been added to the “Barns 3” gallery.


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