My favourite location for photography is Peggy’s Cove about 45 minutes from my home near Halifax. The landscape is unique and the weather conditions are diverse. No matter when you go conditions are always favourable for great photo opportunities. Some of the best sunsets that I have ever seen have been in the fall looking over the Atlantic from the rocks near the lighthouse. Since May I have been working on what I call my Peggy’s Cove Project. I have three more images that I am adding tonight that are part of this project. I am spreading them around in different galleries. The first one goes into the “Peggy’s Cove 2” gallery and was taken the night of the July full moon. The second photo can be found in the “Reflections” gallery. I was facing west during a sunset with a very nice reflection of the lighthouse in one of the many pools of water that are trapped between the rocks. Tonight’s last photo was taken during another sunset looking out through the cove and has been placed in the “HDR” gallery.


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