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On one of my recent trips to the Annapolis Valley I was in the area of North Kingston and came upon an interesting old abandoned home and deciced that it would look good on the site. The image has been added to the...

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Abandoned Buildings

I was recently doing some photography in the St. Margaret’s Bay and Terence Bay areas just outside Halifax and came across these two interesting structures. Two photos have been added to the “Abandoned”...

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Pockwock Waterfall

I recently photographed the waterfall located in the Pockwock area. It was a grey day which provided even light in an area that is in the shade. After parking the car we walked approximately one km down a woods road and then...

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Fishing Boats

A few days ago I went with a friend to photograph fishing boats. There are a number of picturesque fishing villages along the Atlantic Coast just outside Halifax which provide many opportunities to photograph scenery, buildings...

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Along the Coast

Over the past two weeks I have travelled along Nova Scotia’s Atlantic Coast from The Hawk on Cape Sable Island on the South Shore to Sober Island near Sheet Harbour on the Eastern Shore. It was foggy most of the time and...

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West Coast Florida

Today’s photos are being added to three different galleries. The first, of a sunset, was taken at Siesta Beach in Sarasota just over a week ago and has been added to the “Sunsets 2” gallery. The second photo...

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