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Annapolis Valley Barns

I recently travelled back through the Annapolis Valley with my new Canon 7D Mk ll and came across several interesting barns in the Port Williams to Kingston areas. Two images have been added to the “Barns 3” gallery....

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Barns in Winter

A couple of days before Christmas I found a couple of barns in a snowy landscape that provided some interesting images. I have added these photos to the “Barns 3” gallery. John Related...

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Annapolis Valley

  Over the past few weeks I have travelled to the Annapolis Valley several times. The first image taken a couple of weeks ago shows the arrival of the tidal bore on the St. Croix River at Mantua which is near Windsor. The...

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Ross Farm

I recenty travelled to New Ross, Nova Scotia to photograph some of the historic buildings at Ross Farm. This historic site dates back to 1816 when free land was settled by former infantrymen and their families from Halifax....

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Yesterday I spent some time re-organizing the “Barns” galleries. In addition I’ve added a number of new images to these galleries. In the “Barns 1” gallery the last photo is new to the site. In the...

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